When you are ready to submit, please register in the private area and create a new user. Once you are logged in, click on “send a proposal” and fill out the form. When it is submitted  you will be able to check the status of your submission. Decisions with regards to acceptance and/or rejection will be updated on the platform.

Note the following to fill the abstract submmision form:

  1. Indicate full name, affiliation and country of all authors.
  2. Email addresses of the presenter and co-authors.
  3. Title for your submission with no more than 150 characters—including spaces and punctuation.
  4. Abstract with a maximum of 2000 characters-including spaces and punctuation. Abstracts should include theoretical/conceptual framework, objectives; sample, methodology, and results (if relevant); and implications.
  5. All abstracts should indicate one topic that suits your abstract best.

Please note: Submitters are limited to two abstracts as presenter.



 Symposium presentations

A symposium should consist of a coherent set of papers. Each symposium should have (at least) one chair who organizes the session. The session consists of up to four presentations. A discussant may also be added. For a symposium, the chair will submit the general proposal. Once it is submitted the platform will provide a code that the chair(s) should distribute among the presenters of the individual communications. The authors of the symposium communications will have to use that code to link the individual presentations to the symposium proposal.

 Individual oral presentations

All individual presentations proposed outside of symposia will be grouped with other individual presentations according to the main topic. The conference organizing team will appoint a chair who will be responsible for coordinating the presenters and leading discussions, as well as time-keeping.

 Individual poster presentations

All individual posters will be grouped with other posters to form theme-based poster sessions.