Get Ready to Celebrate: We Have Our ITC Conference Slogan Winner!

 Drumroll, please! 

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have found the perfect slogan for the ITC Conference in Granada! A massive round of applause and congratulations are for our fantastic winner, Hudson Golino, whose creativity and originality have truly amazed us.

To our amazing community of attendees, we cannot thank you enough for your incredible submissions and enthusiastic participation in this competition. Every one of you has brought something special to the table, making the selection process both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Now, we're excited to inform you that this exciting design will be adorning some giveaways in your conference bag.

Let's give a huge virtual high-five to our slogan champion, Hudson Golino, and get ready to make this year's ITC Conferences a truly memorable experience!



We are delighted to be able to invite you to participate in the contest for the creation of the conference SLOGAN. The slogan together with the logo conference will be used to make even better the conference experience. The winner will be in the conference promotion material. The author of the slogan will be awarded with a free pre-conference short course registration.

For more information about the procedure, click on the following link.